Equipment and Systems


Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system HYVA HYVA – - the full range of hydraulic equipment with the dumping mechanism, from separate parts to the complete sets.

The hydraulic systems manufactured by HYVA company are characterized by high quality and continuous operation. The wide range of hydraulic systems which are able to cope with the most difficult operating conditions was created with the help of the customized approach. HYVA hydraulic systems are the set of the devices which are able to work with any type of vehicle.


Suspension BPW BPW suspension is the unique modularized system in which all the parts are coordinated for phased blanking out of all the fatigue stressing and their smooth minimal transition into the frame of semitrailer. At the design stage the calculation for reaching the optimal runout of wearing parts and rubber was made.

Landing gear

Landing gear HAACON HAACON
Landing gear is made to fix and hold on a semitrailer in the parking position. German company Haacon is one of the leading manufacturers of components for commercial load carriers.

Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment VIGNAL SYSTEMS VIGNAL SYSTEMS is a French company which is one of the leaders at the market of lighting equipment manufacturers in the world. The plant of the French company is one of the 5 similar leader plants in Europe.
The VIGNAL automotive lightings are among the components for fitting of Mercedes, Man, Volvo, Iveco and Renault heavy haulers. Vignal company products have a number of advantages even in comparison with high-quality products of the market